“Persisting on the principle of the national self-determination the Armenian population of Karabakh deeply respects the same right of the neighbouring Turk people and resolutely protests against the strivings of the Azerbaijani government to ignore the practising of the principle in regard to Nagorny Karabakh, which has never recognized the authority of Azerbaijani government inside its frontiers, nor will it ever do so. The Congress persists on its rights and declares about it to all the Caucasian representatives of the Allied Powers and the European Peace Congress.

Copies of this protest must be sent to the Commander of the Allied Powers in Baku, General Thompson, Azerbaijani government and the Armenian delegates to the European Peace Congress.

Chairman A. Shahnazarian

Secretary Arrustamian35

Two days later the Armenian National Council received the following official declaration of the British Mission headed by Monc Meson;

“The British command declares that the population is obliged to obey the following orders:

To recognize the authority of Doctor Khosrov Bek Sultanov as temporary Governor-General of Zangezur, Shushi, Jivanshir, Jebrail provinces, appointed by the British command. His political assistant is an Armenian. Besides the post of Governor-General, the control over the region will realize the Council consisting of 3 Armenian and 3 Muslim members. The British Command will be represented in the Council by an officer of the Mission. The British Mission must be notified of all the military movements and operations. The British Mission considers its duty to confirm once again the statement that as far as the above mentioned regions are concerned, only the Peace Conference is entilted to decide its attachment to this or that state unit.”36

As if the times of the establishment of the chief of the Sarujalu Turkish tribe Panah Ali Khan had returned back. As a 150 years ago Turkey tried to force Karabakh to wear that Tatar papakha which didn’t match with its essence, instead of Turkey the same papakha was offered by the British Empire.

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