Karabakh remaind beyond the political upheavals. We were at dead point for eight months. We couldn’t connect our fate with the arbitrary development of events. The situation was critical. With its characteristic innate impulse the Karabakh Armenians decided not to wait for fraternal help (Republic of Armenia-B), which would come to free us of fetters. Any delay could be fateful for our achievements. And now the national representatives have gathered here to decide the fate of our country.

Once again we should like to stress that we are resolute to maintain friendly relations with all the other nations, based on the democratic principles. Only in this way we can achieve the realization of one of the most eminent conceptions of the Russian Revolution – the peoples’ right to self-determination. And this notion must be the basis for the activity of our government. The first and foremost task of the government, elected by the congress, must be the realization of this will of our nation.

The coordination of the capability of the masses is considered one of the most important obligations of the government. Many urgent problems, related to the security of the nation, are awaiting their solution. The government is to set up a strong resistance to any expression of anarchy. The neutralization of the criminal dements, and the realization of the control over all the district and regions, require strengthening of administrative units. Lawful decisions on political disputes, the defence of the oppressed and the forbidding of mob-murder require improvement of the work of judicial bodies.

The resolution of the congress “to allow the communities of peasants to undertake the confiscation of the former lands of the beks “must be carried out in an organized and orderly way. Special commissions must be formed to coordinate and secure the process of confiscation to be carried out without any excesses.

The experience of the past showed that the provision of supplies to the population must be organized without delay.

The electorial principle is accepted as a base for all kinds of organizational activity.

The government promises to do its best as required by duty to realize the above mentioned project.

Nothing can prevent the government from carrying out its responsibilities with the support of the population.

National Government of Karabakh15

Juricial bodies were formed in Jraberd-Giulistan, Khachen, Varanda, Dizak and Shushi. The following settlements were chosen as regional centres; the village Metshen for Jraberd-Giulistan, the town Khankend for Khachen, the village Taghavard for Varanda and the town Hadrut for Dizak.

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