The Baku school inherited the non-scientific approach to its history from their “relatives”: The Turkish historians and theorists, who had practicing the methods of historical falsification since times immemorial, thus laying claims to the cultural inheritance of the ancient nations of Asia Minor. Instead of devoting his life to the development of pan-Turkic theory, Buniatov had better turn his attention to the Iranian roots of the minority inhabiting Azerbaijan and called “Tats”, nationality, to which he himself belonged. Instead of supporting his native nation to survive, he preferred to support the “Azerbaijanization” of the Tats’ nationality.

After Sumgait the “Washington Post” reported (based on Azerbaijani sources) that Soviet troops had arrived in Baku, to prevent the conflict from further escalation. In an interview to the American reporter, two Azerbaijanis had said that the riots were provoked by the Armenians. According to their variant the first demonstrations were held in Baku on February 24, when several thousand Baku students had gathered in the central square of Baku to express their protest against the Armenian demand of attachment of Karabakh to Armenia. Then thirty young Azerbaijanis had arrived from the Armenian town of Ghapan and told the demonstrators that the Armenians of that town had beaten up and raped the Azerbaijani women. Then the above mentioned thirty young Azerbaijanis had left for Sumgait, telling the same story there.

Later, an official statement was made that no such events had taken place in Ghapan. The Soviet mass media too had no reports about any violences in Ghapan. The representative of the USSR Ministery of Foreign Affairs Gerassimov and other Soviet officials considered that the Sumgait events were the result of untrue rumours. It had been officially established that the Sumgait militia did not try to prevent lowless deeds, but even released some of the criminals who had been arrested by the troops on the streets. The behaviour of the first secretary of the Sumgait Town Soviet Muslim-Zade was difficult to explain. He was on leave and only with greatest difficulty was finally persuaded to cut short holiday and return to town.

On March 1 a meeting of the leaders of Sumgait “demonstration” (massacres) representatives of the army, Central Committee and Interior Ministry took place. The Azerbaijani leaders officially demanded the transfer of the capital of Nagorny Karabakh Stepanakert to Aghdam, which was preponderantly Azerbaijani the deportation of all Karabakh Armenians to Armenia and dismissed of all officials for neglect of duty if they try in any way to support the further escalation of the Karabakh conflict.

The March 1 issue of the “Bakinski Rabochi” reported; “Unfortunately in such a glorious town as Sumgait, the working collectives had turned to supporters of hooligans, watching the events without interfering”.

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