This primitive, groundless, non-scientific declaration proves that the Azerbaijani scientists kept on using the methods of “Sumgait” and “stone war” because of political considerations and strivings. As to the democratic principles and even Leninist notions of self-determination, they added that the Armenians have already exhausted it establishing the Armenian SSR, and the Karabakh Armenians – establishing the Mountainous Karabakh Autonomous Region within Azerbaijan. In general they countered with defences of territorial integrity and contitutionalism.

The Azerbaijani point of view is more evident in “The Application of the Azerbaijani Intellectuals;

“One of the most beautiful areas of Azerbaijan, the motherland of the most celebrated people; Karabakh, where every stone preserves the memory of the past, has been disturbed for already a year and a half. The Armenian extremists and their puppets in the Region of Mountainous Karabakh, who dream of “Greater Armenia” strive to violate the territorial integrity and covereignity of Azerbaijan, dragging the Azerbaijani nation into the conflict. Our nation is famous for its generousity, patience and internationalism. Now they are undermining the basis of our authority…. The extremists know that the land of Karabakh belonged and will belong to Azerbaijan forever, but all the same they continue to poison the conscience of their people. They will be punished sooner or later. We are declaring finally that Nagorny Karabakh is an Azerbaijani land, we won’t give an inch of it to anybody. Nagorny Karabakh is an undivisible part of the Great Karabakh, as undivisible as the heart and the soul. The Azerbaijani people demand to punish the extremists, who unlawfully encroach on others’ land”.7

Though the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan was not homogeneus, it integrated the lands of number of ethnical minorities i.e. its an administrative-territorial unit. But the Azerbaijanis now at that land treat the natives Armenian, Lezgi, Talish, Tat, Uti, Avar, Tsakhur, Tabassaranian minorities, which possessed an ethnic territory and permanent settlement as foreigners in their own land.

The Azerbaijani “exclusive” historic claims to the region, based on invented arguments, sound false and absurd. It seems to the Azerbaijani intellectuals that declaring the ancient Armenian monuments “Azerbaijani” and consequently “Turkish” on the grounds of historical falsification, they can persuade the whole of the world that their cause is fair and just.

Though countering the principle of national self-determination to the point of seperation with defences of constitutional guarantee of the right of secession from a union, Azerbaijani intellectuals did not stop to lead the protestors who tore down border markets and guard posts along the Soviet-Iranian border to “reunite” “Southern Azerbaijan” and the Soviet Republic, something long desired by them.

The “Principle Catalogue of the CSCE Final Act from Helsinki on August 1, 1975, which confirmed “equal rights and self-determination of peoples” as its eighth principle, showed unmistakably that the relevance of peoples’ right to self-determination was not and should not be restricted only to the colonial territories of the Third World, but extend also to Europe. The Charter of the United Nations declared that any military action or pressure against peoples who want to exercise their right of self-determination must be stopped, meanwhile the principle of territorial integrity must be considered.8

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