The broadcast of the Baku radioprogramme “Morning”;

“Law and order is maintained in the two villages Chaikend and Martunashen of the Khanlar Region. Yesterday the law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan SSR realized a massive military operation here, aimed at the abolishment of the Armenian armed bands, which constantly threatened and terrorized the population. The Armenians fiercely resisted the process of disarming. As a result a real battle took place. The 15 members of the criminal group were killed, 45 others disarmed and arrested.”

Meanwhile the USSR deputies from the Autonomous Region of Karabakh addressed a letter to the USSR president M. Gorbachev;

“The deportation of the Armenian inhabitants of the villages of Getashen and Martunashen was the experiencing of the anti-Armenian policy. The pattern established in Getashen and Martunashen is being practised in Karabakh now, but more violently. The disarmed population is unable to defend itself. The news about the Armenian militants who supposedly have flooded the region in a myth, invented by the Azerbaijani leaders to serve as a pretext for conducting an anti-Armenian, destructive policy. In the territories overrun by the Azerbaijani OMON there hasn’t been a single shot by the Armenians. Trying to justify your position in the problem, you often repeat that Karabakh’s situation is a historical fact and its positive solution opposes the USSR Constitution. Are we authorised to remind you that the same Constitution obligies you to defend the peoples’ rights, and their lives in the first place. We apply to you to remove that shameful spot from the face of our country till it’s not too late, to save a nation facing destruction. It may be late tomorrow”.

The Human Rights Committee of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, investigating the cases of Getashen and Martunashen, came to a conclusion that a deportation of the Armenian population of the above mentioned villages had taken place and stressed that the USSR and Azerbaijani authorities had no right.

a)to allow the use of arms, tanks and artillery included, from which the civilians suffered too.

2)to set up an unbearable situation and force the population leave the places of permanent residence.

c)to leave the population unprotected against any kind of violence.11

After the “successful” deportation of the five villages of Getashen, the Azerbaijani authorities undertook to realize the continuation of the operation “Ring”. The pattern was repeated against the villages of Shushi, Berdadzor and Hadrut regions. The report of “Azerinform”, May 5, 1991;

“- Comrade Mutalibov, you have just returned from Moscow. What made you leave for Moscow during the holidays?

– My visit to Moscow was connected with the necessity of discussing the current situation in the region with M. Gorbachev. You know from the press that passport checks are being exercised in the Khanlar region. I knew, that the events of the Chaikend village would be misinterpreted, so I, together with comrade Polianichko considered it right to meet with the president of the country. During the meeting of May 3 and a telephone talk on May 4,I made some suggestions concerning the problem. We asked the President to reinforce, through corresponding union structures, the realization of a tough regime of the emergency situation in Karabakh”.

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