On September 23, signing the national agreement, Mutalibov declared; “The activity of the Azerbaijani armed units is under my control”.

The same day six inhabitants of the Karabakh Chapar village the 14 year old boy H. Sargsian among them, were killed by the militants of OMON. The boy was stoned to death, after which his ears were cut off. During the next several days Stepanakert was continuously shelled, were kidnapped and murdered, the water pipe was blown up for the 26th time), passport “checks” were carried out. Two hundred and fifty bombs fell on the Karachinar village within the night of September 23. And it was most tragic that the USSR Interior division “Don” and the Army 23rd division not only preferred not to interfere but were secretly helping the OMON, passing to them (of course not free) arms and ammunition, also providing the OMON with new hostages to be “sold out” later. In the Hadrut village the villagers had to fight against the mysterious General Liubimtsev, whose name couldn’t be found among the MVD officers. The armed conflict had become more lethal than it was before Yeltsin’s arrival. And the most important thing was, that the Karabakh people abandoned the hope that Russia and its democratic forces could help them. As the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Shahumian Regional Soviet said; “No, we must rely on our will-power and on God”.

Meanwhile Yeltsin and Nazarbayev continuously stressed “their being only mediators without any encroachments towards Azerbaijan’s sovereignty”.

Of course, considering the injured dignity of the Azerbaijanis, they needed to mention that fact, but without any inner orientation. Arriving in a land of “to stand or fall”, only “with expressions of peaceful settlement of the conflict”, as the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” wrote, wasn’t enough. Not once had the government of Azerbaijan sworn to solve the Karabakh conflict within a year. But in what way? Maybe the emerging 200 thousand Azerbaijani Army, plus the OMON were meant? But it’s true to note that any country on its way to independence and sovereignty has no right to pressure, massacre and deport another nation.

On August 20 in the village Karin Tak an Armenian youth was killed while working in his orchand peacefully. No official note was made on this incident. During the funeral ceremony the OMON accompanied by the Interior troops entered the village, arrested the first fifteen people they came accross with and transported them to the Shushi prisonhouse.

The level of violence in Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding districts was increasing steadily during the course of the above events, despite occasional lulls. Residents on both sides became engaged in communal violence, characterized by individual and mass attacks, aimed at destroying livestock, killings, harassing people, hostage-taking.

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