The case of Manucharov was handed over to the Brest Regional Court. The director of the building materials company was charged for deceiving his partners and for instigating disturbances organizing demonstrations and rallies. On July 20, 1989 the Brest Regional Court returned that case to the USSR Procurators Office on the grounds that during the previous investigations his rights to defence had been violated. On August 27 A. Manucharov was elected a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of Armenia. The USSR Procurators Office stated finally that A. Manucharov was charged for official forgery. His mandate was passed to him by A. Sakharov and G. Staravoitova in the Moscow prison house Butirka. It was already evident that Manucharov would be released sooner or later. This case showed that despite the fact that Gorbachev himself had blamed the leaders of the Karabakh movement in bribery, the truth was slowly emerging and the Procurators Office was unable to “mould” a false case.16 Thus a lot had changed in the unitary state.

Meanwhile the Turkish propaganda was trying to achieve for Armenia an international recognition as an aggressor and occupant. The Armenian counter-propaganda was too weak, as Armenia itself was engaged in safeguarding its borders and the borders of Karabakh. The Western countries, the UN and the CSCE still did nothing to bring about peaceful resolutions, nor did they stop the blockade of Armenia and Karabakh. Adequate use was not made of diplomatic and political opportunities to compel Azerbaijan to lift the blockade and oblige Turkey to open up humanitarian corridor to Armenia. Armenia appealed to all the countries of the CIS to exert influence on Azerbaijan. In this direction great work was done by the speaker of the British House of Lords Lady Caroline Cox, who besides concentrating her attention on helping the population of Karabakh and refugees from Azerbaijan, represented the problem in different European organizations and in the US Congress. During her visits to Karabakh she was accompanied by a great number of journalists from different news agencies, who in their turn represented the matter in their countries thus opposing the Azerbaijani propaganda. There are several viewpoints on the activity of Caroline Cox. Some people think that it reflected the two faced policy of England in Transcaucasia. It was considered that her activity countered the anti Armenian policy of Britain, the reason of which was its interest in the Azerbaijani oil. In fact Caroline Cox’s activity was connected with the “International Christian Solidarity” and had nothing to do with the policy of the British government. Moreover, Lady Caroline Cox had once prevented the attempt of the British military circles to sell military technics to Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani propaganda not once tried to discredit the speaker of the British parliament. During one of her visits to Karabakh, Caroline Cox was accompanied by Lord M. Prison, who later declared in the House of Lords that it was possible to find a solution to the Karabakh conflict on the basis of the principles of defending human rights. As a result of this declaration, the Turkish government refused to cooperate with Prison’s company and he was deprived of his profit of 7 million dollars. The courageous Lord declared that even one Karabakh victim meant more important to him than the seven million dollars.

Considering that Karabakh was greatly backed by the Armenian diaspora, the Azerbaijani propaganda decided to fight that influence by creating an Azerbaijani diaspora. And they found a way to do this. During the reign of the Shah, many people had migrated from Iran, including Iranian Azarbaijan. If it was impossible to join territory of Iran to Azerbaijan, then it was easy to gather all those Iranians wandering in different parts of the world and set them against the Armenians. The President of Azerbaijan applied to “the Azerbaijanis living abroad” like this;

“Dear compatriots, first of all I should like to greet you warmly. Today Azerbaijan is passing a very tough period of history, the period of tests… On the other hand an aggression is undertaken against Azerbaijan and our citizens are engaged in defending the territorial integrity of the country. The Azerbaijanis scattered all over the world are obliged to do their best for the future of our people. The Western world, unfortunately has no objective information about the Azerbaijani nation, about its ancient history, about its spiritual treasures which have enriched the universal culture and science with such geniuses as Nizami, Nasradin Toussi, Nassimi, Shah Ismail Khatai and activity of the Armenian extremists and their anti-Azerbaijani propaganda have created the distorted picture of not only the situation in Nagorny Karabakh, but also of the history, culture, territory and dignity of our nation. In this connection, my dear compatriots, the nation and the country need your help and your intense activity.”18

The idea of “the Azerbaijani diaspora” probably belonged to the Turkish politicians, as it was they who created such first “Azerbaijani communities” in Germany. Surprising though, a part of people born and brought up in Iran supported those communities. But on the whole , despite the great efforts, the Azerbaijani propaganda suffered defeats. Nothing could be countered to Sumgait and Baku events. The reporter of the newspaper “Panorama Azerbaijana” complained that Azerbaijan was suffering an “informational blockade”, “that they were late in that field of action”.19 The reporter asked “why the Armenians were being favoured by the mass media”.

Of course civilized world was acquanted with the ancient history and mankind and the secret of the defeat of the Azerbaijani propaganda lay in this knowledge. The idea of claiming to Shumerian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Assyrian, Arabic and Turkic sources and the struggle against the real authors in the form of considering them “Azerbaijani” can never have successful results. A. Mutalibov, applying to the Iranians residing in Europe, firstly tried to convince them that they were not Iranians, but Azerbaijanis, that is “Bakuers” as such had to side with Azerbaijan. All his arguments were based on historical falsifications of Z. Buniatov, R. Gevushev, F. Mamedova.

The propagandist terror can lead nowhere.

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