The letter of the “Karabagh” committee of the Russian intellectuals, of the “Sank Peterburg Committee of Humanitarian Aid to Karabagh” of the “Russian Cultural Society in Armenia” and of the ESCF Human Rights Defence Congress to the President of Russia B. Yeltsin;

“Mr. President, the results of the bloody attacks of Azerbaijan on Armenia and Karabakhexceeded the number of people, victimized as a result of the three-year policy of the former Union government, which had been justly condemned by you in Zheleznavodsk. The declarations of the higher military command of Russia refusing to accept the participation of the Russian armed forces in the above bloody events are groundless and nobody believes them. Especially when the Press Center of the Russian Defence Ministry accepted the fact of handing modern arms over to Azerbaijan as well as the fact of the participation of the Russian military in the aggression against the Armenians. Considering the Tashkend Agreement on Collective Security, now, when the aggression has covered also the territory of the Republic of Armenia, Russia’s position means a destruction of CIS. At the same time that position is dangerous for Russia itself, a sign of destruction of a democratic state, as a result of successful Azerbaijani policy of terror and bribery. We should like you to attend to the fact that among those deported there are many representatives of Russian nation inhabitants from the Russian villages of the Shahumian district, whom you had publicly sworn to defend within the borders of the former USSR”.3

(The Russians appeared in Transcaucasia during the reign of Catherine II, as a result of the deportation of the Russian heathens – the Malakans).

During a press round up in Yerevan the leader of self-defence of Shahumian Region S. Meghrian declared;

“It was the military and political defeat of Armenia. If Azerbaijan, without a membership in CIS, achieved to making use of the CIS Fourth Army against us, then the fall of Shahumian is in fact a military-political defeat”.4

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