We are for the carrying into effect the UNO Security Council Resolution N822 with the joint efforts of all parties to the conflict. We are exceptionally for solving the conflict through peaceful means. We are deeply confirmed that hostilities, military activities must be stopped and blockades of all kinds ceased on a legal bases. The responsibilities of both sides must be apparent in such a document.

Chairman of Nagorny KarabakhRepublic Supreme Soviet

G. Petrossian

Chairman of Nagorny KarabakhRepublic State Defence Committee

R. Kocharian7

The Azerbaijani government and diplomats categorically rejected to recognize Nagorny Karabakhas a party to the conflict as on the one hand it would mean to recognize its existence and establishment. If you fight against a party then it is existent. On the other hand it would be humiliating to suffer defeats in the struggle with a tiny statehood within itself. But the most important thing is that Azerbaijan is trying to drag Armenia into the conflict to make the international community recognize it as a party to the armed conflict. In this case Armenia would be also recognized as an aggressor. Despite its claims of not sending military aid or soldiers to Karabakhand not acting as a party to the conflict, the Armenian government and diplomacy suffered a defeat in this aspect as failed to serve as a peaceful mediator for both sides: Azerbaijan and Karabagh. Azerbaijan was conscious of the fact that the recognition of Karabakhas a party to the conflict would mean to accept that the enclave was struggling for its right of self-determination.

The Azerbaijani politicians tried to use profitably even their defeats. For example the Azerbaijani Ambassador in Iran Nasibov claimed that more than 200 thousand Azerbaijanis have expressed their will of moving to Iran due to the Armenian attacks on the Fizuli region. This was a step aiming at the realization of pan-Turkic projects.

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