What was happening in Azerbaijan. The Baku authorities after dragging the nation into the absurd war with Karabakhand suffering humiliating defeats, were now victimizing their friends-in-arms with the mere aim of holding the power in their hands. On January 9 the Popular Front Executive Committee declared;

“The commander of the 1st Corpus and the envoy of the President in KarabakhS. Huseinov is charged for a coup attempt, for bribary, treachery and for handing the villages of Martakert region over to the enemy deliberately.”

The Azerbaijani press immediately published the announcement. The newspaper “Azadlig” reported;

“We were informed that 70 thousand waggons of ammunition had been put to work in the Aghdam region. In fact, the ammunition had been transferred to a Baku military plant had been transformed to a leader and sold. The Defence Ministry had recieved rations for 110 thousand soldiers, which exceeded the real number. This fact was accepted by R. Gaziev”.2

On February 11. S. Husseinov quitted on Elchibei order. Conscious of the fact that he would be made a scape-goat, S. Husseinov hurried to call his army from Karabakhto Gianja. Arriving in Gianja too, I. Hamidov tried to arrest the rebellious Colonel. But it wasn’t an easy thing to do. The second city of the Republic was under Husseinov’s control. Elchibei hurried to Gianja to conduct talks with the Colonel. S. Husseinov was offered a new post but he chose to refuse all the suggestions and said that Elchibei and the government ought to resign. The 35-year Suret said to the reporters who had arrived in Gianja exclusively for a talk with him;

“It’s not my, but the demand of the whole nation. I am backing the nation and as such I am obliged to fulfil its will.”

The report of the Turkish TV;

“The leader of the rebells Surat Husseinov made an ultimatum to the President Abulfaz Elchibei to resign in two days’ time, or else treatened to enter Baku.”

The report of the Turkish newspaper “Milliet”;

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