The commander of the Talish brigada Alikram Humatov was also the head of the economical and trading shady economy of the Lenkoran zone. As Surat Husseinov, he too revolted against the Azerbaijani government. This revolt possessed also an ethnical character. The national discrimination and unjustice made them unite in a rising against the Azerbaijani authorities. During the heavy battles going on in the Fizuli front, the Talish brigada of Humatov managed to seize two highland positions from the Armenians. But to their great surprise they noticed that after this success they were being fired by the Azerbaijani artillery. It meant that the Baku authorities looked for the destruction and abolishment of the Talish brigade, which could threaten them one day. Right after this event Humatov ordered to leave the occupied positions and headed for Talishstan accompanied by his soldiers with arms and military technics. There he proclaimed the establishment of Mughan-Talish Republic. The ghost of this new unit disturbed the Baku official circles, as they were scared of the perspective of a federation, where the Turkish ethnical element would lose its leading role in the administrative region on the whole.3 Taalish-Mughan was the region of “all-Union kitchen garden” and supplied Azerbaijan with most of vegetables. In 1988 the Talishes came in contact with the Karabakhmovement, but in 1989 theiir rising was suppressed as it was badly organized. They would surely succeed if united with the Lezgian and Karabakhmovements. The aim of the joint movement should be the achievement of the status of confederation, with the original geographical name “Arran” for the whole region.

S. Humetov hoped to hold his Republic through his armed brigade if Baku authorities tried to abolish this new hot-bed of confrontation. The expert on inter-ethnic conflicts H. Aliev chose to gain time through negotiations with Humatov, preparing Humatov’s abolishment in the back. The founder of the Mughan-Talish Republic paid his first “official visit” accompanied by a retinue. The reporters waiting for the results of the negotiations between the two “states”, were introduced to a document bearing the name “The appeal of the Commander-in-Chief of Talish Republic of Maghan Alikram Humatov to the people.”

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