The Armenian strategy was gaining the upper hand in the five-year war over Karabagh. After holding the key border town of Kelbajar and enough surrounding territory to control almost one-tenth of Azerbaijan, the Armenians launched attacks on Aghdam. On July 24, 1993 the Azerbaijani soldiers fled from advancing Armenian troops, saying they were outgunned and outnumbered in the battle for the city.

Continuing their offensive the Armenian units advanced several miles beyond Aghdam. Along side the soldiers, thousands of Azerbaijani civilians piled onto trucks with their belongings got away from the war zone through the corridor left by the Armenians. On June 28 the town of Martakert was retaken.

The newly appointed Prime Minister S. Husseinov arrived to head the defence of Aghdam. But the false hero who had “taken” Baku without a single shot, had nothing to do in Aghdam.

“New York Times”, July 25, 1993;

“Azerbaijani soldiers fled from advancing Armenian troops today. An Azerbaijani officer Maj Sadail Mamedov, who escaped from Aghdam with what was left of his artillery unit said; “If the Armenians want to, they can cross over and go all the way up, down and everywhere.” On Friday, Armenian forces were reported to have overrun Aghdam, situated six miles east of the region of Nagorno-Karabagh. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that Armenian units were continuing offensive today, advancing several miles beyond Aghdam. It said more than 200 civilians had died and that there was widespread distruction. Armenians were also reported to be attacking Fizuli, an Azerbaijani town south of Aghdam and outside Nagorno-Karabagh.

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