About 20 trucks with refugees were lined up outside the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, but troops kept them away. Baku is already swollen with refugees from the Nagorno-Karabakhfighting.”7

An article in the “Los Angeles Lines” reported that one of the 7 Azerbaijanis was a refugy. Baku was full of refugees, the newcomers were turned back. The Azerbaijani army, some time ago raining the Karabakhsettlements with shells, was already demoralized. The soldiers were running away leaving their positions.

“Financial Times”, August 24, 1993;

“Spokesmen for both the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry and the Nagorno-Karabakhadministration said the defenders withdrew overnight from Fizuli, a town of 40 thousand people under siege for days by Armenians occupying the hills on three sides. The latest victory brought the Armenians closer to cutting off the entire south-western corner of Azerbaijan, home to 200.000 people and risked angering the neighbouring Iran.”

The most impotant factor that caused the defeat of the Azerbaijani army, was the will of the ancient people of Karabakhto defend their family, their land, their churches and the bombs of their ancestors. They were always ready to fight and die for their cause.

Their fate had been to fight for centuries. These people had a vein fighting. Admiral Isakov, Marshal Baghramian, Marshal Khudiakov – Khamperiants, Marshal Babajanian and Colonel-General Parseghov, who brought fame to their nation, fighting in the II World War, were natives of Karabagh.

The KarabakhArmenians traditionally fair and honest, never laid claims to anything that didn’t belong them. They devoted their energy and lives to the right of leaving peacefully on their own land, to the right of self-determination.

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